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Three Students Invent Quick-Cooking Lemang Machine
September 23, 2005 13:53 PM

Special Report By Zuhafizah Ahmad Zaki

KAMPUNG GAJAH, Sept 23 (Bernama) -- The Hari Raya Puasa celebration would be incomplete without the traditional lemang with rendang as well as ketupat and dodol as side dishes.

However, lemang-making is a long process as one has to cook it for hours and sometimes the result can turn out to be disappointing except for those who are skilled in that aspect.

It became the motivation of three youngsters who merged their ideas and invented a lemang-cooking machine in an hour, named Systemised Lemang Cooking Machine or ITQUN AXY040.

It would not be wrong to place high hopes on these three Fifth Formers to be successful inventors in the future after scrutinising the physics and chemistry theories applied in their creation.

The machine was developed in three months and won the Best Project Special Award from Intel Technologies Sdn Bhd at The National Science and Technology Education Carnival 2005 in Penang on Aug 25 recently.

The participation of Muhammad Alif Ahmad Kamal, Mohamad Izharuddin Abdul Halim and Mohd Alias Hazwan Mohamad Hassan in the carnival was spurred by their desire to join and develop their idea.

Despite their tight schedule and preparations for the impending Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah students still could find time to develop the machine with technological innovation.

The machine, hailed as the best national machine only costs RM400 to RM500 and uses discarded items such as tyre rims and bicycle pedals.

The combination of the discarded items were then turned into a lemang-cooking device which could cook the lemang fast and systematically without affecting the original taste and quality of the lemang.

"With this invention, those who wish to cook lemang don't need the skills to do so because traditionally the lemang cooking process requires one to use embers and careful watching of the flames," said Muhammad Alif.

Besides that, the invention of the machine through two enhancing processes also emphasised on the environment as it was designed not to emit black smoke.

"We conducted many researches, among which, with the Agriculture Department, hotels, Kampung Gajah villagers and students who would be pursuing their studies in Al-Azhar University, Egypt," said the trio who were guided by their teachers, Fauziah Zainuddin and Fadzilah Salleh in their invention.

They said a survey on hotels as well as students who would be pursuing their studies in Egypt, showed that they needed such machines for their convenience in preparing the traditional dish.

"Our school does not have a suitable workshop and is lacking in equipment, luckily the villagers in Kampung Gajah allowed us to use their workshop and tools," said Mohamad Izharudin.

The machine's application would also be upgraded such as with the infra-red technology to control the temperature and heat internally and externally and might be converted to enable the cooking of other dishes.

On the patent rights, Mohd Alias Hazwan said they were currently in the process of securing the patent rights from Sirim.

The three buddies hoped there would be someone who could help them commercialise the idea and the creative inventions of young inventors like them and to ensure that the inventions would not be copied by irresponsible parties.

On their dreams, all three aspired to have their own investment companies.


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