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All MHS Offshore Flight Choppers Suspended Until Further Notice
January 31, 2007 20:31 PM E-mail this news to a friend Printable version of this news

KUCHING, Jan 31 (Bernama) -- All offshore flight helicopters of Malaysian Helicopter Services Sdn Bhd (MHS) and contracted to Petronas Carigali have been suspended until further notice following Tuesday's mishap, off Bintulu, a Petronas official said Wednesday.

The official, who declined to be named, however, said all operations at its offshore installations were still ongoing by using vessels.

"The suspension is pending investigation into the cause of the crash involving the ill-fated Super Puma L2 helicopter," he told Bernama.

In Tuesday's mishap, the MHS-owned Super Puma L2 helicopter contracted to Petronas Carigali to ferry oil and gas workers offshore Sarawak and Sabah, crashed at about 2.30 pm in the South China Sea, enroute to D-18 Platform from the Bayan A Platform.

Nine people survived the crash, including MHS pilot Abdullah Ishak, 46, and Vietnamese co-pilot Tham Quang Thiet, 47, while the sole fatality was Aewan Faslasaini Sallehin, 22, an employee of Dejtech Sdb Bhd, a manpower supply contractor for platform maintenance for Petronas Carigali.

The other survivors are Douglas Akang, 25, Affendy Abdul Rahman, 40, Markson Leju, 29, Ravi Kumbong, 30, Daniel Jerome Juan, 32, Sazali Shamsudin, 35, and Harry Sidadum, 36.

Meanwhile, DCA Sarawak regional director Huang Tiong Poh said yesterday's mishap had not affected the flight operations of other helicopters and aircraft.

This is the second time in less than a year that a similar helicopter had crashed off Sarawak waters.

On June 18 last year, a Super Puma helicopter ditched in the South China Sea enroute to the B11 oil platform, off Bintulu, but no casualties were reported.




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